Fire Sprinkler Systems in Ohio

Did you know that the risk of dying in a fire decreases by nearly 80 percent when sprinklers are present? Are you certain that your buildings are protected against damage from a fire? Fire Guard LLC hopes you never have occasion to use the fire sprinkler systems we install but we urge you to be proactive about protecting your buildings / dwellings from fire damage. Our company provides fire sprinkler system installation and maintenance for clients.

We are a licensed, insured, and bonded group of professionals that has in-house staff that is NICET-certified. The experts on our team understand the laws, know how to follow city, state and fire codes, and are able to inspect and test fire sprinkler systems in Ohio. Turn to our affordable, helpful professionals to protect your buildings.

Fire Protection Installed to Codes & Standards

Whether you own a single family home, multi-family dwellings, or a public structure, you should consider adding fire sprinkler systems. The law only requires fire sprinklers for multi-family dwellings and public structures, but we recommend them for every structure. This affordable investment has the potential to save lives in the event of an emergency.

There are many misconceptions about fire sprinkler systems that our professionals are qualified to clear up for you. For example, not all sprinklers activate at once in the event of a fire. According to the National Fire Protection Association, 84% of fires include the activation of one sprinkler. We are pleased to provide you with the benefits of fire protection from a sprinkler system which include:

  • Protection against Significant Property Loss
  • Water Activation in Only the Are Affected by Fire
  • Protection against Loss of Life
  • Less Damage to Irreplaceable Items and Mementos
  • Potential Control of Fire before the Fire Department Arrives

24/7 Fire Sprinkler Maintenance and Inspections

To ensure quality performance, our clients are able to book appointments with us for annual inspections of their sprinklers and backflow preventers. Hopefully, these systems will never need to be used but it is essential they are operational in case of emergency. Our professionals are honest and will let you know if it is time for an inspection of your systems.

In addition to annual inspections, we are able to conduct regular repairs and maintenance updates to your system. If an emergency occurs with any of your fire sprinkler systems, we are available for 24-hour services.

We Install All Types of Fire Sprinkler Systems

It is our duty to make sure you have properly functioning sprinkler systems that meet your needs. There are a few types of systems, all of which we are qualified to install. The best system for your building depends on the primary purpose of your space. The types of systems include:

  • Wet: This is the most common type of system that has water in the pipes at all times. The sprinklers respond to their heat sensors.
  • Dry: This type is good for areas with low temperatures because water does not sit in the pipes and is not exposed to freezing. The system is pressurized with air and what is put out no less than 60 seconds after activation.
  • Preaction: This type of system is activated by smoke or heat detectors. This system is recommended by our professionals in buildings that have a high risk of fire.
  • Deluge: Open sprinklers attached to a piping system connected to water through a valve which opens by a detection system that is installed in the same are as the sprinklers. When the valve opens water flows to sprinkler heads and discharges.

Contact us today to schedule your fire sprinkler system installation at an affordable price. There is no time like the present to be proactive about the safety of your buildings servicing. We have completed projects for clients throughout the state of Ohio.