The Most Important Thing You Can Do to Protect Your Business

You’ve invested a huge amount of time, money, and energy into building your business. It’s one of the most important things in your life, and you know that you have to invest in security measures to keep it safe. You probably have alarm systems and heavy duty locks to prevent theft, but there could be a much more dangerous and damaging enemy waiting to devastate your business: fire.

Every year, fires affect thousands of businesses, destroying property and taking lives. In a big, complex building, fires can start at any moment, leaving you little time to escape safely, much less secure any valuables. If you want to protect your business from this kind of devastation, you need more than just an old extinguisher: you need sprinkler services.

Sprinklers Can Save Your Life
It’s a proven fact that you are 80 percent less likely to die in a building fire if there is a sprinkler system installed. Fires are extremely fast-moving events, often going from a smoldering plume of smoke to a massive flame in seconds. While a fire alarm system can offer some valuable warning; that can often still not be enough time to save yourself or your valuables.

This is why a sprinkler system is so valuable. In the time it takes a fire alarm to start beeping, a sprinkler system will drench the fire in a deluge of water, preventing it from spreading. This will cut the fire off before it has a chance to wreak terrible damage on your business.

In addition, you’ll be less reliant on using fire extinguishers to put out the blaze yourself. This is good, because extinguishers can be difficult to operate if you haven’t had proper training, and they aren’t nearly as reliable as an automatic sprinkler system, especially once a fire has started to grow out of control.

The Most Important Home Security Addition You Can Make

fire sprinkler systemsWhen most people think of home security, the first thing that comes to mind will be anti-theft measures and alarm systems that will keep out burglars or other home invaders. While home invasion is surely a serious problem, the truth is that your home could be even more vulnerable to a different kind of danger: fire.

Each year, thousands of fires ravage homes and businesses, causing horrific damage and death. Many homes are unprepared for the event of a fire, having only a small, often out-of-date fire extinguisher to protect everyone. If you want to keep your family safe from fire, you should consider installing fire sprinkler systems.

Sprinklers Succeed Where Extinguishers Fail
A fire extinguisher is a valuable tool, but it has its limitations. First off, it needs to be regularly charged, which is something that few families will remember to do. This kind of common oversight can lead to a si
tuation where the extinguisher will fail when you need it most.

Additionally, fire extinguishers require a great deal of training to operate properly. Most fire departments will conduct live fire training to teach their firefighters how to use extinguishers, which is something the average homeowner is unlikely to have encountered. It’s a pretty sharp learning curve to take when in the middle of an emergency situation!

Lastly, fire extinguishers have a limited amount of chemical charge, and won’t offer much help in a large fire that has gotten out of hand.

A sprinkler system, however, will activate automatically and douse the fire with water in seconds. This will cause the fire to go out immediately, and drastically reduce the amount of damage it can do. It’s a much faster, more efficient, and more reliable method than using an extinguisher, and will be something you can rely on to protect your family while you sleep at night.

Reasons to Install a Home Sprinkler System

valve-498409_1920A home fire sprinkler system is probably the last thing on your mind when it comes to your home. Maybe you’ve already invested time and money into your home or are seeking to purchase your first home. You’ve been saving up as much as you can to put a down payment on it, or have already put oodles of cash back into it. So why buy a sprinkler system for your home in the first place? At Fireguard LLC, we want to ensure that your home is safe from fire damage and that our systems can keep you safe from a fire. Here are some reasons we’ve compiled on how installing a sprinkler system can save your life and your property.

  • Risk – Having this system installed in your house disperses water and contains then extinguishes the fire. This decreases the risk for firefighters as it makes the fire less intense and it’s easier for them to do their job.
  • Reliable – With a 95% fail safe rate, you can be certain that the system will do its job almost always.
  • Low Cost – Sprinkler systems are probably cheaper than what you’d expect at nearly $1.35 per square foot!

We hope we have shed some light on some of the concerns some of you may have had with installing a sprinkler system in your home. Head on over to our website to find out more!

Residential Fire Sprinkler Systems in Your Apartment Building

industrial-612299_1920Imagine if you just signed a lease to your new apartment and moved in the following week. Your apartment is located on the top floor, and you’re all settled in. The second day after you moved in a fire breaks out on the floor below you and ravages through the entire building, but everyone has made it out safe. Now imagine if the building you just signed your lease in just had a state of the art residential fire sprinkler system installed a few weeks before you even thought of moving there. The fire would have been isolated to the apartment it started in, saving everyone in the building from losing everything they had.

This may be a somber story, but something like this could happen to anyone, anywhere. Just by knowing that your apartment and belongings are safe and are being protected by the nearly perfect 95% fail safe rate of sprinklers, is piece of mind enough. Before these systems are even installed, the building has to be carefully evaluated to ensure that the structure can handle the system. If the building is older, it would often have to take some remodeling to get it adjusted for the new system. If you are looking for sprinkler services in the great state of Ohio, head on over to our site to view what we have to offer!

How Do Fire Sprinkler Systems Work?

fire-sprinkler-systemYou’ve probably seen a movie or television show that commonly contains an urban legend when it comes to a fire sprinkler system. A fire breaks out in a building and all of the sprinklers go off at the same time, ruining people’s personal items and company property with water damage, when really the fire was only in one part of the building. This is completely false, as a sprinkler system does not operate in this way, and was probably added into these stories for dramatic effect. So you may be asking; how do fire sprinkler systems actually work? Here is a step by step guide on how sprinklers eradicate a fire quickly and effectively.

As an example, let’s say a fire breaks out in your Manager’s office. One of the wall cables has malfunctioned and started a fire. The smoke and heat will rise and eventually hit the sprinkler head, heating it up. The trigger mechanism is heated to the required temperature, and this effectively signals the sprinkler directly above the flames to do its job. Usually only one sprinkler is activated to extinguish the flame, but sometimes the nearest sprinkler is also activated, and these are all that is needed to contain the fire. If you have any questions on sprinkler systems or which system is right for you, contact us at or browse our website to find out more.

Welcome to the Fire Guard LLC Blog!

1Fire Guard LLC is THE source for sprinkler services around the Centerburg, Ohio area. But, we don’t just stop there; we offer our services across the entire Buckeye State!  Whether you’re a contractor in the middle of a new project, a landlord looking for more fire security or a homeowner protecting your investment, installing a sprinkler system only adds value to the property.

Fire Guard LLC installs all types of fire sprinkler systems to suit the needs of our customers. Here are the types of systems we install:

  • Wet – The most common type of system, this wet system keeps water in its pipe system at all times, so when the heat sensor is tripped, the sprinklers react instantly.
  • Dry – With this type of system, water does not sit in the pipes and isn’t exposed to freezing temperatures. Air is pressurized through the system and is put out no less than 60 seconds after activation. This system is great for areas with low temperatures.
  • Preaction – Recommended for high fire risk buildings, this type of system is activate by smoke or heat detectors.
  • Deluge – This is a system where open sprinklers attached to piping connected to a valve which opens by detection system that’s installed in the same area as the sprinklers. The valve will open and water flows to the sprinkler heads and disperses.

Check back with us monthly on our blog to check out all the latest and greatest news and information on sprinkler systems!