How a Fire Sprinkler System Can Benefit Your Home

Fires can break out at any time and in almost any place. With all the intricacies of homes, apartment buildings, and office building, sometime fires are bound to happen. Sometimes action is needed almost instantly to rid a building of pesky flames and causing more damage throughout the structure. Did you know 85% of fire deaths occur in homes? Some people may rely too heavily on a fire extinguisher, but the damage may already be done before you can activate the device and try and extinguish the flame. A fire sprinkler system isn’t something people think about for their home, but there are so many benefits if you can employ this system into your home. We’ve comprised a list of some of the reasons one would need a sprinkler system in their home.

  • Control by Room – If your home contains a fire sprinkler system, and more specifically one the has at least one sprinkler in each room, than the fire can be contained in less time than it would take the fire department to get to your home.
  • Proximity – When a fire breaks out, only the sprinkler directly over or near the fire will activate. People commonly think that the whole system throughout the house, this certainly isn’t the case. So, with direct water contact with the flame, the fire will be extinguished quickly and accurately.
  • Inexpensive to Install – On average, it only costs $1.35 per square foot of sprinkled space. This is a relatively low cost to keep your house safe from fire damage.
  • Reduced Water Damage – Sprinklers discharge far less water than say a fire hose if a fire department was dispatched to your home. How much water you ask? Let’s just say fire hoses produce about 80-125 gallons of water per minute as opposed to 8-24 gallons from sprinklers. That could be a lot more money spent on water damage on top of fire damage!

Protecting your home from all the elements should be on the top of your priority list of being a homeowner.  Ensuring your property is protected from fires can be totally justified by having a fire sprinkler system installed. Contact us today at for an estimate or any questions you may have!