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Welcome to the Fire Guard LLC Blog!

1Fire Guard LLC is THE source for sprinkler services around the Centerburg, Ohio area. But, we don’t just stop there; we offer our services across the entire Buckeye State!  Whether you’re a contractor in the middle of a new project, a landlord looking for more fire security or a homeowner protecting your investment, installing a sprinkler system only adds value to the property.

Fire Guard LLC installs all types of fire sprinkler systems to suit the needs of our customers. Here are the types of systems we install:

  • Wet – The most common type of system, this wet system keeps water in its pipe system at all times, so when the heat sensor is tripped, the sprinklers react instantly.
  • Dry – With this type of system, water does not sit in the pipes and isn’t exposed to freezing temperatures. Air is pressurized through the system and is put out no less than 60 seconds after activation. This system is great for areas with low temperatures.
  • Preaction – Recommended for high fire risk buildings, this type of system is activate by smoke or heat detectors.
  • Deluge – This is a system where open sprinklers attached to piping connected to a valve which opens by detection system that’s installed in the same area as the sprinklers. The valve will open and water flows to the sprinkler heads and disperses.

Check back with us monthly on our blog to check out all the latest and greatest news and information on sprinkler systems!