The Most Important Home Security Addition You Can Make

fire sprinkler systemsWhen most people think of home security, the first thing that comes to mind will be anti-theft measures and alarm systems that will keep out burglars or other home invaders. While home invasion is surely a serious problem, the truth is that your home could be even more vulnerable to a different kind of danger: fire.

Each year, thousands of fires ravage homes and businesses, causing horrific damage and death. Many homes are unprepared for the event of a fire, having only a small, often out-of-date fire extinguisher to protect everyone. If you want to keep your family safe from fire, you should consider installing fire sprinkler systems.

Sprinklers Succeed Where Extinguishers Fail
A fire extinguisher is a valuable tool, but it has its limitations. First off, it needs to be regularly charged, which is something that few families will remember to do. This kind of common oversight can lead to a si
tuation where the extinguisher will fail when you need it most.

Additionally, fire extinguishers require a great deal of training to operate properly. Most fire departments will conduct live fire training to teach their firefighters how to use extinguishers, which is something the average homeowner is unlikely to have encountered. It’s a pretty sharp learning curve to take when in the middle of an emergency situation!

Lastly, fire extinguishers have a limited amount of chemical charge, and won’t offer much help in a large fire that has gotten out of hand.

A sprinkler system, however, will activate automatically and douse the fire with water in seconds. This will cause the fire to go out immediately, and drastically reduce the amount of damage it can do. It’s a much faster, more efficient, and more reliable method than using an extinguisher, and will be something you can rely on to protect your family while you sleep at night.